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Chile’s Tax & Economic Climate

The republic of Chile is one of the most business friendly nations on earth… as tax and business efficient as it is long.  Chile’s focus on high-tech start-ups has brought a wealth of talent and business to this nation that is vying to be the Singapore of Latin America. Chile is one of the longest […]

IRA Gold Rules

Yes, you can take your IRA offshore and buy IRA gold… so long as you follow the rules and buy the right kind of gold.  If you will invest in IRA gold, this brief post is a must read. Here are the basics of buying IRA Gold: First, if you wish to hold IRA gold […]

Should I buy the Alibaba IPO?

The largest IPO in the history of the market is coming.  Alibaba, a Chinese company, is set to go public on the U.S. exchange.  The transaction will break all volume and valuation records.  Alibaba is a combination of Google, eBay and Amazon, and dominates the Chinese market. The question is, should you jump on the […]

Panama Foundation IRA Tax Review

The Panama Foundation has been approved as the “owner” of a U.S. retirement account in Panama.  This means that, those who want to invest in Panama, have access to banks or brokerage services in Panama, or hold their retirement account n the most advanced asset protection and estate planning tool available, may now move their […]

Move Your IRA to Panama

We have been working for months with lawyers, banks, and government agencies in Panama and are finally ready to announce some great news for those seeking asset protection.  You may now move your IRA or other retirement account to Panama and in to the best protection and estate planning tool available… the Panama Private Interest […]

The Foreign Pension Tax Trap

If you’re working abroad for a foreign company, watch out for the foreign pension tax trap.  If you get caught, you might be paying double tax on your retirement income… once when earned by the U.S. and once at distribution in your country of residence. First, let me say that this is not meant as […]

Why the Dollar Will Fail

With Russia and France working hard to push the U.S. dollar from its perch as the world’s currency, there is the risk of a major revolution of the dollar.  While it might not result in a total collapse, most experts agree that the U.S. dollar will be devalued by 11% to 45%.  Here’s why the […]

The Panama Foundation Scam

Just about every week someone calls asking about using a Panama Foundation as a charity.  This is known in tax circles as the Panama Foundation scam and the internet is filled with it.  Avoid the Panama Foundation scam at all costs.  It will lead you down a very bad path with the IRS. Here’s how […]

Physical Gold is the Ultimate Investment

Physical gold has served as the universal currency for 5,000 years and will continue to do so long after We the People, and this nation of ours, have ceased to exist. Physical gold is also the only reliable hedge against political instability, government debt, and inflation.  It is a borderless currency whose value comes from […]

When to Hold and When to Fold

With the U.S. market at historic highs, how do you know when to hold and when to fold?  Here’s the best investment advice I’ve seen: “Buy at the point of maximum pessimism; sell at the point of maximum optimism.”  Sir John Templeton (1912 to 2008), known as the great contrarian. I have always taken this […]

The Panama Foundation for Asset Protection

The Panama Foundation provides the best asset protection and estate planning available… hands down, no questions asked.  Here’s why the Panama Foundation is the ticket for those wanting to move assets out of the United States and eliminate the U.S. estate tax. First, let me take a moment to summarize the Panama Foundation as an […]

Offshore IRA LLC Tax Analysis

Moving your retirement account in to an offshore self directed IRA LLC is the best (and really, the only) way to diversify out of the U.S., protect your assets from future creditors, and boost returns by investing in more dynamic markets. I write quite a bit on why and how to move your account into […]

UBIT: IRA As a Dealer in Real Estate

If you’re going to invest in one or two rentals with your IRA, then you won’t have a tax problem. You can operate these properties through a U.S. LLC (if domestic) or an offshore LLC (if abroad) and net profits will flow back in to your retirement account tax free. If you buy in to […]

Give Up U.S. Citizenship

As America becomes ever more intrusive in the daily lives of expats and residents alike, and the tax burden of the “haves” increases each year, the number of people giving up U.S. citizenship is also increasing. In some studies, the number whom give up U.S. citizenship has grown by a factor of 10 in five […]

Retire abroad with Maximum Privacy

If you are thinking about retiring abroad, here is how to maximize your privacy. We start with the premise that the U.S. government wants you to disclose all assets, holdings, transactions, and investments. We then look for exceptions to those rules to find the legal loopholes that will allow you to retire with maximum privacy. […]

Attack on Your Retirement

The U.S. Government has launched an all-out attack on its retirees, crushing their investment returns with low interest rates. Be it intentional, or ignorance, the government is artificially pushing down returns, which does the most harm to our nation’s seniors. As the United States attempts to stimulate its economy with cheap money, it’s the seniors, […]

The IRS Can Seize Your IRA

I want to use today’s post to clear up a common misconception. Yes, the IRS can seize your IRA or other retirement account. Yes, the great collector is exempt from state laws protecting your retirement account and can take what it wants at any time … unless you take steps to protect yourself. Specifically, the […]

Retire Overseas Tax Free

First, let me tell you about my inspiration for this post. France has been in the news and on this site quite a bit recently. They are pushing hard against America’s recent extortion of $9 billion from one of their banks, and I think this could have a major impact on the dominance of the […]

Jim Rickards – Threats to Our Dollar

A conversation with Jim Rickards by Christian Reeves on February 6, 2015. Our currency and our financial system are under attack from all sides. Here’s what you can do to protect your wealth and your family. Jim Rickards is the best selling author of Currency Wars and Death of the dollar. He has been cited on […]

Proof You Should Diversify Your IRA Offshore Now

A record high stock market in the U.S. exposes the suckers! Don’t be one of them.  Diversify your IRA offshore as soon as possible.  This article offers statistical proof that you should diversify your IRA abroad.  U.S. returns over the next 10 years will wipe out your retirement account. While everyone is running to dump […]