IRA Gold

IRA Gold Rules

Yes, you can take your IRA offshore and buy IRA gold… so long as you follow the rules and buy the right kind of gold.  If you will invest in IRA gold, this brief post is a must read.

Here are the basics of buying IRA Gold:

First, if you wish to hold IRA gold outside of the United States, you should form an Offshore LLC, invest your retirement account in to that structure, and then make your investments.  This give you control of your retirement account(s) and you are the only signor on that foreign bank/investment account.

Next, you must follow all of the same rules as an onshore IRA manager.  Luckily, the rules for IRA gold are quite simple.

Your offshore IRA may invest in physical gold.  This means, you can buy gold bullion, nuggets, or any other type of precious metal allocation you like.  IRA GOLD DOES NOT INCLUDE COLLECTIBLE GOLD COINS!

If you buy IRA gold, you must buy physical gold that is valued on its gold content.  You may not buy coins that have value over and above their gold content.  IRA gold does not include collectibles.

The only gold coins that I am aware of which you can purchase in an IRA are American Golden Eagles.  These are priced at around $140 for their gold content and have no value as a collectible.

Of course, my recommendation is to hold physical gold, not coins, in an offshore vault in Panama or Switzerland.  I also suggest you avoid paper gold, which provides very little protection (hedge) against catastrophic events.

I hope this post on IRA Gold is helpful.  We do not sell gold, but will be happy to direct you to offshore experts.  For more information, please send me an email to