Unfiled Tax Returns

First Things First: Taking Care of Unfiled Tax Returns

The first step in dealing with the IRS is to file your delinquent federal personal income tax returns. Until these tax returns are submitted, the IRS can’t set up an Installment Agreement or accept an Offer in Compromise.

Clients often come in missing two, five or even ten years of returns. Our computer system and the workflow we set up are designed to quickly and efficiently prepare multiple years of delinquent tax returns while minimizing the taxes due.

When multiple years of tax returns are needed, it is common for records to be missing or incomplete. Our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents will access your IRS archives and get a report of income for each year. This data, along with your records, will be used to prepare your delinquent tax returns.

Premier Tax & Corporate, Inc., LLC can prepare both your federal and state returns, regardless of where you live. We can also prepare multi-state returns for those who have moved, or those who work in one state and live in another.

You can submit your tax data to us by mail, fax, or by uploading it to our secure server. You can also download one of our questionnaires to help you get started.

We have decades of tax preparation experience, clients in over 15 different countries, and we are qualified to prepare tax returns for all 50 states.

Whether you have a

  • 1040 – Individual Tax Return;
  • 1065 – Partnership Tax Return;
  • 1120 – Corporate Income Tax Return;
  • 1120S – Corporate Income Tax Return for an S Corporation; or
  • Informational returns for Foreign/Offshore Corporations (Form 5471) and Trusts (Forms 3520 and 3520-A),

we can help you save money and get compliant.

Preparation Fees:

  • Basic personal tax return with W-2 wages: US$225 per year.
  • Basic personal tax return with W-2 wages and itemized deductions, such as mortgage interest: US$325 per year
  • Personal tax returns with wages, itemized deductions, and Partnership or S-Corporation Income (Form K-1): US$425 per year and up, depending on complexity.
  • Personal return with small business (Schedule C/self-employment income): starting at US$325 per year (total fee will depend upon completeness of your income and expense records).
  • Personal returns with Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Form 2555: US$325 per year.
  • U.S. Corporation and Partnership returns with less than US$250,000 in assets or sales: starting at US$625.
  • U.S. Corporation and Partnership returns with more than US$250,000 in assets or sales, requiring a balance sheet: starting at US$750.

Please contact us for a free quote. Click here to send an e-mail or call us at (800) 581-6716/(213) 985-1876.

Note: Because everyone’s tax preparation needs are unique, sign-up and payment must be made by phone, e-mail, fax, or regular mail.

Online Resources

You can submit all of your tax information to us through our secure web interface.

First, fill in the Tax Organizer with your income, expense, and other data. This form will help you get organized and will guide you through most tax situations. You can access your form as many times as you need, or create multiple forms to cover several tax years.

  • Click hereto download a standard questionnaire.

  • Click here to download a questionnaire for U.S. citizens living abroad.

  • Click here to download an additional form for self-employed persons.

  • Click here to download an additional form for rental real estate.

  • Click here to download a questionnaire for corporations.

Next, you can fax your supporting documents to us at (213) 260-8371, or upload them through the Document Upload Tool on our website. Using the online system will get your confidential information and documents to us in the most secure way possible.