Move your IRA out of harm’s way – a battle is brewing between Trump and the establishment

Move your IRA out of harm’s way – a battle is brewing between Trump and the establishment

02/19/2017 - 11:18 AM
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There’s a battle brewing between the establishment and President Trump. Powerful forces are aligning against our President and we’re left hoping the economy and our savings come out of this unscathed.

Gambling all of your retirement savings on red is a foolish risk. No one knows what will happen, but we do know that there’s a political war coming. Even if Trump brings our country out the other side better than ever, it’s going to be a rough few years.

Leaving your retirement account in the United States is like taking your savings to a Vegas roulette table and betting it all on one spin. You might win and you might lose… no one knows what will happen, but your risks are high.

Get your retirement account out of harm’s way immediately!

Take some of your cash off of the table. Leave what you want to risk in the United States and move the balance offshore. Diversify out of the dollar, eliminate country risk, and secure your investments.

You have the right to move any vested retirement account offshore. A vested account is most often an account you had with a prior employer. If you’ve been at the same job for 10 years or so, some of your retirement might have vested… you’ll need to speak with HR to find out.

You can also move most defined benefit plans out of the country. If your plan allows you to rollover or transfer the DB plan into an IRA, you can get it out of the country.

The process of moving a retirement account abroad is relatively simple. We form an offshore Limited Liability Company in a tax free country and open an offshore bank account for that LLC. Then your US custodian invests some or all of your retirement account into this newly formed LLC.

Finally, you’re appointed as the manager of the LLC. This gives you control and the legal right to manage investments in your retirement account.

There’s no need to move your entire account. You can send as much or as little of your account offshore as you’re comfortable with. Many clients start off small and grow their international holdings over time.

Others just build the LLC structure and open an offshore bank account. They hold their cash at their US custodian, ready to sent it abroad at the first sign of trouble.

The demand for offshore IRA LLCs has tripled since Trump took office. The fear is palatable… we can all see that the establishment and the media are all in on destroying Trump. They hate what he stands for and will do anything, including burning down our economy, to thwart his efforts and remove him from the presidency.

The only way to fully diversify your account, and take it out of play, is to get it out of the United States.

Of course, there are benefits to diversifying abroad in addition to the security provided. For example, there will be many international investments available once you get your account offshore. Most of them offer much better returns than you would find in the United States.

You can also decide to hold your IRA account in multiple currencies. You can open an offshore account and diversify out of the dollar. For example, Capital Security Bank in the Cook Islands, offers 11 primary currencies. If you buy a CD, you can access 26 currencies. No FX or brokerage required… just easy access to multicurrency accounts that allow you to maximize diversification without making an investment.

You can also use your retirement account to plant multiple flags offshore and create an escape hatch should you need it.

For example, you might use your IRA LLC to invest in one of the reforestation programs that give you residency and a second passport. You can get residency in Panama with an investment of $20,000 and Nicaragua with $35,000.

Panama is the easiest second residency program and Nicaragua is the fastest. Panama gives you permanent residency after 3 years and the right to apply for citizenship after 5. Nicaragua gives you permanent resident immediately and the right to apply for citizenship after 2 years.

Panama doesn’t require you spend any time in the country to maintain your residency. Nicaragua wants’ residents to become part of the community. Thus, you need to spend 183 days a year in Nica to maintain your residency.

Remember that you get citizenship and a passport in Nicaragua after 2 years. Once you have your passport, you can spend as much or as little time in the country as you like.

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I hope you’ve found this article on moving your IRA out of harm’s way to be helpful. For more on taking your retirement account offshore, please contact me at or call us at (619) 483-1708. We will be happy to work with you to safeguard your savings.

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