international bank for sale in Dominica

For Sale: Fully Operational International Bank Licensed in Dominica

We are delighted to present a rare opportunity to acquire a fully operational international bank licensed in Dominica. This bank is in impeccable standing, regulated exclusively by the Financial Services Unit (FSU) of Dominica, and comes with a clean operational history, evidenced by spotless audit reports for 2023 and the expected for 2024. With the current regulatory climate making it nearly impossible to obtain new banking licenses in Dominica, this offer is exceptionally valuable.

Dominica’s regulatory framework, under the Offshore Banking Act of 1996 and its subsequent amendments, has established the country as a reputable jurisdiction for offshore banking. The country’s favorable legislation, which includes strict confidentiality rules and competitive tax structures, has positioned it as a prime location for international financial entities. Banks licensed in Dominica benefit from a range of services, including retail banking, investment banking, and wealth management, among others. The regulatory environment ensures that banks maintain high standards of compliance, especially concerning anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations​ (Allied Fintech)​​ (Bank License Pro)​.

This bank, which will be transferred with no deposits or loans on its books, provides an excellent foundation for new ownership to commence operations without any legacy issues. It includes a basic core banking system and a USD correspondent bank, facilitating smooth and efficient international transactions. Furthermore, the bank is supported by an experienced team, including a Chief Compliance Officer, ensuring that it meets all regulatory requirements from the outset.

The international banking license held by this bank allows it to offer a wide range of services to clients worldwide, except within the CARICOM countries. This flexibility opens up vast opportunities for global business expansion and client acquisition. Dominica’s strategic location in the Eastern Caribbean enhances its appeal, serving as a gateway to both regional and international markets, thus improving trade and investment opportunities​ (Premier Offshore Company Services)​​ (Vardikos)​.

The bank’s asking price is $4,000,000 USD, which is negotiable. This price includes the international banking license, the core banking system, the correspondent bank, and the transfer of all existing employees. Given the clean financial slate and the strong regulatory standing, this bank represents a unique investment opportunity for those looking to enter or expand in the international banking sector.

Investing in this bank offers several advantages. The clean audit reports from the FSU are invaluable for maintaining and upgrading correspondent banking relationships, which are crucial for operational success. Additionally, the rare banking license ensures that the new owner can operate within a highly regulated and reputable jurisdiction, known for its stability and favorable tax environment. Dominica’s government has consistently supported the development of its financial services industry, which includes continuous efforts to attract investment and improve infrastructure.

In summary, this fully operational international bank in Dominica represents an exceptional opportunity for strategic investment in the global banking sector. With its pristine regulatory standing, robust operational infrastructure, and strategic location, it is well-positioned to provide comprehensive banking services to a worldwide clientele. For inquiries and further details, please contact us.

Invest in your global banking future today with this unparalleled offer. Secure your foothold in the international banking sector with a clean, ready-to-operate institution in Dominica.

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