Are you looking for a legal way to manage your business profits abroad? Moving your business offshore? We can help you structure your business, banking and credit card processing offshore.

Here are a few of the benefits of an offshore merchant account:

  • Diversify your credit card processing out of the United States
  • Maximize privacy and protection of your offshore corporation by adding an international merchant account
  • If you’re having trouble obtaining or keeping a US merchant account, you may benefit from moving offshore
  • Offshore processors offer accounts for controversial business or one categorized as high risk (such as pharmacies, travel clubs, telemarketing, etc.)
  • An internet based business that can process and operate from anywhere, why keep your cash in the US?
  • Accept multiple currencies and protect against currency fluctuations

Large, safe, financial institutions in Asia, Europe or the Americas will hold your bank account and process your credit card transactions. Alternatively, we can use a US based ISO with an offshore processor who will deposit directly into your foreign bank account.

Offshore credit card processing will help your business remain up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can arrange for offshore and online credit card processing, an online merchant center, and speedy order processing and fraud management with a 24 hour support system.

  • Credit card transactions are authorized within seconds and automated receipts are sent to the merchants and customers simultaneously.
  • Offshore credit card processing services are capable of providing reduced charges with AVS (Address Verification System) and fraud screening systems.
  • The transaction process rates depend largely on the form and volume of the business.
  • Multicurrency accounts available.



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