International Tax and Business Guide

Updated for 2018


The Complete Guide for the
American Living and Working Abroad


Our 265 page international tax and business guide for Americans living, working and investing abroad. This is the 9th edition of our best selling offshore tax and business guide, updated for 2018.

The objectives of this international tax guide are to:

1) give you the tools to maximize profits and minimize taxes while working and living abroad,

2) provide a road map to the U.S. forms and reporting requirements, and

3) to point out the landmines of international taxation – costs and risks of failing to keep up with tax compliance.

Armed with this guide, you will be able to structure your business and plan your life abroad to your advantage… and those advantages can be significant. For example, a business owner may be able to reduce or completely eliminate U.S. income tax on his ordinary income while taking a salary tax free from an offshore active business of up to $101,300 for 2016. This means no Federal income taxes, no State income taxes, and no employment taxes (payroll, FICA, etc., which add up to 15% in the U.S.).

Added for 2018 are pages on how to minimize your taxes in the US territory of Puerto Rico, US tax on cryptocurrency, how President Trump’s tax plan will affect expats, and how to get residency to be ready for the new FEIE requirements.

You will learn how to:

  • Open a bank account anywhere in the world,
  • Move your IRA or other retirement account out of the U.S. and under your control
  • Which country has the best tax laws and lowest employee costs,
  • How to incorporate your international business and eliminate or defer U.S. taxes,
  • Where to hold your money and investments for privacy and protection,
  • Which countries fit your business goals and personal lifestyle,
  • Where to get the best return on your currency, gold, stocks and/or real estate investments,
  • How to make investments and do business around the globe,
  • Which countries have the best residency and citizenship programs, and
  • How to keep yourself and your structures in compliance and out of trouble with the IRS.

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