Premier Offshore Tax & Corporate, Inc. is a leader in international consulting, planning and incorporation services for offshore investors, entrepreneurs, asset protection, and U.S. retirement accounts. We are the only international incorporator that offers U.S. tax compliance. Premier has served thousands of business people, attorneys, accountants, physicians and expats.

We are frequently contacted by law firms around the world to design and implement advanced asset protection and business structures for their clients. We were one of the first, and still the leader, in helping Americans take their IRAs, 401ks, and defined benefit plans offshore. If you want to invest your retirement offshore, we can show you how. Premier’s team has over 100 years of combined experience in offshore, financial, tax, legal and business backgrounds. We have been successfully helping our customers with private financial solutions and safeguarding their wealth for over a decade.

You can trust Premier Offshore as your long-term partner in business. We are committed to excellence in providing you with the finest Offshore Corporations and LLCs, Second Passports, Offshore IRA LLCs, Panama Foundations, and International Trusts. More importantly, we will keep your structure in compliance with the U.S. IRS and you out of trouble.

We believe that knowledgeable clients make the best business decisions. Our website contains detailed information about living, working, and doing business offshore. We have built the largest free library on the web to support you and your international structures.

And we live what we teach. Premier has offices in Panama City, Belize, and San Diego, CA. All of our people are U.S. expats with first-hand experience in international business and U.S. tax compliance. You will see this experience on display in our services and in our blog which provides detailed and actionable information.

We offer confidential consultations. If you have questions about any of our services, please complete the form below, give us a call at (619) 550-2743, or send an email to