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Premier Offshore Radio

12/04/2012 - 4:09 PM

PremierOffshore is now on the Overseas Radio Network! Please check out my latest show below and broadcast archives at Global Business and Tax Advisor.

Below are older audio files from my conferences in Panama, Belize, Singapore and elsewhere. Some of the files are edited to remove names and attendee questions.

These are full length unabridged recordings packed full of information. They are a great place to begin your research if you are considering living or investing outside of the United States.

For those working abroad, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion is the most important tool in the toolbox, and is the foundation of any offshore business. I suggest you start with Expat Tax Basics for a primer on this and other Expat tax topics.

For those looking to invest offshore, the Offshore IRA LLC is the best available “pre-tax” or “tax privileged” vehicle, while the Offshore Trust is the most effective “after tax” investment and protection structure.

Note that these are large files and may take a while to load. Be patient after clicking play and with the quality of some of these recordings. These recordings play best on Microsoft and Firefox browsers, and are known to have issues with some versions of Google Chrome.


Taking Your IRA Offshore

An Offshore IRA LLC allows you to take control of your retirement account and to make any permissible international investment you see fit. This 33 minute presentation covers the basics of moving your IRA, Roth or 401-k offshore as well as the most commonly asked questions and the tax benefits available only to the Offshore IRA LLC.


Expat Tax Basics

An introduction to the tax benefits of living and working abroad. This 22 minute presentation covers the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, benefits of incorporating offshore, and your tax filing obligations as an American overseas.


Offshore Asset Protection

This is a 49 minute presentation on the benefits and pitfalls of offshore asset protection, with a focus on offshore trusts and offshore LLCs. I also address a number of misconceptions as to what offshore asset protection is and is not.



International Business

This is a 35 minute presentation on moving your business offshore – ideas on how to select your country of operation (with a focus on Panama) and your country of incorporation. Of course, we begin with a reminder of the tax benefits of moving offshore.



Disclaimer: The information provided in these presentations is not intended as legal, tax or financial advise. Feel free to contact us to discuss the particulars of your situation.


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